Brands Can Now Advertise On Snapchat's AR Filters

Snapchat is launching “Sponsored AR Filters,” a new ad option that allows brands to target the social media app's 414 million daily active users via augmented reality filters.

Brands now have the ability to sponsor AR filters, which users can add to their personal posts.

Snap’s sponsored filters, which feature branded overlays for images, appear after users capture their content with the in-app camera, then swipe to the post-capture filter carousel.

The offering may be a cost-effective way to become a part of more shareable moments within the app, as brands can quickly create sponsored AR filters using Lens Web Builder, a free DIY tool that includes a range of templates for face filters, location-based overlays, countdown timers, quiz generators and more.

For example, a business can use the AR filters to promote specific events in interactive ways. Users will then see the filters as options in their filter carousel and have the ability to include them in their selfies.

The filters can also include links back to a brand's promotion.

Snap also says that integrating calls to action (CTAs) will help advertisers drive awareness with their sponsored filters, which can also compliment Lenses –– a more interactive in-app AR branding opportunity. 

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