Applebee's Celebrates 'America's Favorite Boneless Wings'

With chicken wings more popular than ever, multiple chains specialize exclusively in the tasty poultry finger food. Naturally one would think the “Favorite Boneless Wings in America” award would go to a chain with at least “chicken” or “wings” in the name.

Think again. Applebee’s recently announced it has been awarded the title of “America’s Favorite Boneless Wings” as results of a nationwide, double-blind taste test.

Grey NY created an advertising campaign  to commemorate the win, also promoting 50 cent Boneless Wings available for dine-in, delivery and pick up for a limited time.

The campaign consists of a hero :15 TV spot, depicting the wings in a gold trophy reading “America’s Favorite Boneless Wings” with the Applebee’s logo while Blur’s “Woo Hoo” (actually titled “Song 2”) from their 5th self-titled 1997 studio album blares in the background.



 “We’ve always believed we had the best Boneless Wings and it’s awesome to validate that belief," Applebee’s CMO, Joel Yashinsky, told  Marketing Daily. "Now we’re going to have some fun engaging our guests and spreading the word. We’ll be telling the story across all channels and letting our fans have some fun with this announcement too.”  

The taste test, conducted by Omnibus in late 2023, consisted of Applebee’s Classic Buffalo sauced Boneless Wings against wings at  “other top national chain restaurants,” with Applebee’s emerging as the winner.

Along with the 50 cent wings, available in Classic Buffalo, Honey BBQ, Sweet Asian Chile, Garlic Parmesan, Extra Hot Buffalo and Honey Pepper the chain is running a promotion via TikTok. Customers can enter for a chance to win Applebee’s Boneless Wings for Life by sharing their Applebee’s wings on TikTok using #ABWings4LifeContest.

Two TikTok ads, with a new original jingle created by Grey with music house Heavy Duty, accompany the promotion. While Applebee’s has relied heavily on popular music, this is a new venture for the brand.

“It’s no secret Applebee’s is a music brand, but we’ve never dabbled in the jingle -- or the TikTok sound -- space,” shared Grey’s Executive Creative Director, Lance Parrish with Marketing Daily. “Social was the logical next step to get our ‘America’s Favorite’ claim firmly lodged in peoples mind rent-free during March Madness.”

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