Donuts At McDonald's? Chain Joins Forces With Krispy Kreme

Nothing goes better with a cup of coffee than a doughnut. And as McDonald’s has had many hit-and-miss dessert offerings since upping its McCafé game, the chain may have finally find its sweet spot.

This week McDonald’s announced it has partnered with Krispy Kreme, a for what it terms a “national expansion.” Translation: Krispy Kreme doughnuts will soon arrive to a McDonald’s near you. The fast-food giant said in a release that the donuts will have a “phased market rollout across the country, with nationwide availability at participating restaurants expected by the end of 2026.”

 “This partnership is … a chance to unlock new business opportunities in the breakfast category and throughout the day,” said Tariq Hassan, McDonald’s USA’s chief marketing and customer experience officer, in the release.



Three flavors of Krispy Kreme’s most popular doughnuts will be delivered fresh to McDonald’s stores daily. Sold individually or in a box of six, the sweet treats will be available all day, while supplies last. Customers can choose from the Original Glazed doughnut, the Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles doughnut or the Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled doughnut.

The national doughnut roll-out follows the chain’s test at 160 McDonald’s restaurants in the Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky areas, “where consumer excitement and demand exceeded expectations,” per the announcement.

And the collaboration also means major expanded reach for the doughnut brand.

“By making Kreme Krispy accessible to fans nationwide through this partnership, we expect to more than double our points of access by the end of 2026,” said Krispy Kreme president and CEO Josh Charlesworth. “The partnership accelerates the development of our existing Delivered Fresh Daily channel, creating operating leverage through distribution density and production utilization.”

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