Readly Says It's Reached 2023 Sustainability Goals

Readly, the digital magazine and newspaper app, claims it met 90% of its sustainability goals in 2023, including a reduction in its CO2 emissions. 

The only goal not achieved last year was the reduction of emissions per employee from business travel across the firm’s global offices. There will be a renewed focus on this, with a shift toward international train travel, in 2024.

Readly provides a digital subscription service, providing readers in 50 markets access to 7,700 magazines and newspapers. Its mission is to provide “quality journalism to our subscribers in a planet friendly way,” says Philip Lindqvist, CEO of Readly.

In places where Readly controls the supplier choice, renewal energy use rose to 56%, up from 46% in 2022. This led to a 13% decrease in energy intensity per FTE, Readly says.  

In addition, Readly has tested audio functionality and expanded the portfolio of content available in mobile reading format. 



The company also increased its strategic commitment to diversity. 

“Based on our recent internal survey, 53% of our employees come from diverse international backgrounds, underscoring the variety of cultures within our team,” says Ranj Begley, chief content officer and chair of the DEI committee. “Moving forward, our focus is on harnessing the power of these diverse perspectives to foster a truly inclusive environment.”





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