Publishing Sees Higher Subscriber Growth Than Digital Media And Entertainment

The digital media and entertainment industry has seen a 124% increase in subscribers since 2020. But that is overshadowed by digital publishing, which enjoyed a 536% increase in subscribers during the same time period, according to a new benchmarking report from Recurly.

At the same time, churn rates have increased to 6.9% for digital media and entertainment, the result of subscription fatigue and increased competition. 

However, digital publishing experienced a 3.9% rate, probably because of less competition and higher brand loyalty. 

The overall trial-to-paid conversion rate for digital media and entertainment now stands at 52.6% and for digital publishing it is 50%. The optimal trial period is eight to 21 days.

“We’re witnessing an era of intense innovation in the digital media and entertainment subscription industry, with momentum only continuing to accelerate,” says Joe Rohrlich, CEO of Recurly. 

Rohrlich adds, “Whether it’s watching the latest show, reading a book or catching up on the news, consumers are hungry for tailored experiences and flexible options that cater to their unique tastes. This shift is driving the industry to rethink traditional models, leaning heavily into data-driven customization and user engagement strategies to meet the ever-evolving demands of a digital-first audience.”




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