Meta Blocks Article That Was Critical Of It: Report

Meta has been slammed for blocking a critical article about it on Facebook, according to CNN. 

Links to the Kansas Reflector, the nonprofit that published the offending piece, were declared a cybersecurity risk and the report was blocked starting last Thursday morning. 

The links purportedly were restored seven hours later and Meta apologized to the Reflector, but a column that accused Facebook of suppressing posts about climate change continued to be blocked. 

Readers who tried to share that column on Facebook, Instagram or Threads on Friday were informed that it violated community guidelines.  

In addition, an independent journalist named Marisa Kabas tried to share the column on Threads but was informed that “it had been flagged and taken down for malicious content,” CNN continues. 

A Meta spokesperson said the Thursday blocking was “an error that had nothing to do with the Reflector’s recent criticism of Meta.”



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