The GenAI Byline: Most Newsrooms Are Using AI To Some Extent

Generative AI is making its way into newsrooms, resulting in both opportunity and worry for practitioners, judging by Generative AI In Journalism: The Evolution Of Newswork and Ethics in a Generative Information Ecosystem. 

Of the news practitioners polled, 24.5% strongly agree they are knowledgeable about GenAI, and 56.9% agree to some extent. Few disagree, and 12.8% are neutral.  

Moreover, 73.8% say their organization has used GenAI in some form.  

Content production is at the top of both the current usage and aspirational use lists. 

Current tasks include:

  • Content Production: Text—69.5% 
  • Information Gathering & Sensemaking—21.5% 
  • Content Production Multimedia—20.4% 
  • Business—16.6% 
  • Content Production: Translation—8.8% 
  • Working with Data—7.7%
  • Content Production Transcription—7.2%
  • Coding—5.0% 
  • Content Production User Experience—2.8% 
  • Content Production Metadata—0.6%



Aspirational usage tasks include: 

  • Content Production: Text—78.6% 
  • Information Gathering & Sensemaking—34.9% 
  • Business—27.5% 
  • Content Production: Multimedia—23.1%
  • Working with Data—14.4% 
  • Content Production: Transcription—10.5% 
  • Content Production: Translation—8.7%
  • Content Production: User Experience—6.6% 
  • Coding—5.7%
  • Planning—3.9% 
  • Distribution Analytics—2.6% 
  • Personalization—1.7%
  • Content Production: Layout—1.3% 
  • Fake News Detection—0.9% 

But there are ethical concerns around GenAI, although none seem overwhelming:  

  • No Human Supervision—21.8%
  • Inaccurate Info—16.4%
  • Bias—9.5%
  • Reducing Quality—7.7%
  • Job Displacement—6.8%
  • Lack of Transparency—6.8%
  • Accountability—3.2% 
  • Plagiarism—3.2%
  • Originality—2.7%
  • Privacy and Data Protection—1.8% 

How are newsrooms managing these issues? Here are their strategies for ethical use:

  • Not Using It—20.0% 
  • Verifying the Output—15.2%
  • Guidelines and Legal Frameworks—14.5%
  • Oversight—10.3% 
  • Adhering to Journalistic Values—8.3%
  • Limit Use—8.3%
  • Dedicated Support Structures—4.6%
  • Testing the System—3.5% 
  • Learning—3.5% 
  • Peer Exchange—2.1%
  • Responsible Procurement—1.4%
AP surveyed 292 individuals in the news industry from December 4-22, 2023.
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