Newsroom Workers Strike At Gannett's 'Austin American-Statesman'

Gannett has ended up in another controversy -- this one fomented by staffers at the Austin American-Statesman. 

Workers went on a four-day strike late last week and returned on Tuesday, according to the Austin Chronicle. But Gannett fulfilled its threat to “temporarily or permanently replace striking journalists,” posting several “temporary” reporter positions, the Chronicle reports. 

In addition, the reporters discovered that their story on the eclipse was almost identical to one published by the Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester, NY. 

Both papers had the headline “I looked at the eclipse and now my eyes hurt. What are the symptoms of eclipse blindness?”

Reporters claim that their union has been negotiating their contract with Gannett. After a January strike, the company went from a starting salary of $48,000 to $50,000. The union, however, demanded $60,000, and it seemed to some that a middle salary would be offered, of $57,000.



But Gannett wrote in an FAQ for the staff “the progress that the parties made towards an agreement in the last few weeks was conditioned upon reaching a contract before April 5, 2024,” according to the Chronicle. "The parties understood that, if they did not reach an agreement, all of the proposals would revert back to those on the table on March 26.” 

Gannett lowered its offer to $48,000. The company insists that it will continue to serve readers. 

“Our goal is to preserve journalism and serve our community as we continue to bargain in good faith,” says Amy Garrard, vice president of labor relations at Gannett, the Chronicle reports. "Austin American-Statesman readers can be assured there will be no disruption to our ability to deliver content and trusted news.”

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