Smalls Sliders, Pantone Partner To Create 'Smorange'

Many companies do collaborations with Pantone, especially in cosmetics, housewares and fashion. But one not so small slider QSR has taken its color collaboration to a whole new level.

Southern-based chain Smalls Sliders, in partnership with the Pantone Color Institute, has launched its own signature color, aptly named Smorange. Described in a release as “a vibrant tribute to the spirit of the innovative brand that's shaking up the big burger industry,” the “bright and energetic” orange hue is the color of the brand’s logo, the predominant shade on the website, as well as the color of employee uniforms and of branded serving ware.

Smorange was created with Pantone through taking an existing Pantone hue and adjusting density levels in order to achieve a custom variation exclusive to Smalls, per the company.



"Smorange isn't just our color. It's our energy, attitude, and essence—bright, vibrant, and a little in your face,” said Maria Rivera, Smalls Sliders CEO.

The Atlanta-based Smalls, which opened in 2019, is now pushing 200 locations (which the chain refers to as “cans”) in development in more than 18 states. The brand is known for cooked-to-order cheeseburger sliders “that are small in size but big in taste” and its modular restaurant design, streamlined drive-thru and walk-up windows.

The company has cited an extensive nationwide expansion plan, which includes openings across the Southeast, Southwest, Midwest and West Coast. Former NFL star Drew Brees is an investor in the chain.

Recently Smalls partnered with New Orleans’ beignet and coffee institution Café du Monde on an April Fool’s gag. The brands posted on Instagram and other social media on April 1 touting a new collaboration and the creation of a beignet slider with pickles and cheese. Many fans expressed disappointment that the gag was not, in fact, real, with one stating via Instagram “WHY WOULD YALL DO THIS TO US?! MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR REAL!!”

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