Miller High Life, Hot N Saucy's New 'Dive Bar Hot Sauce'

Miller High Life’s homage to the dive bar continues with a collaborative condiment concoction.

The brand teamed up with Chef Sam Davis-Allonce of Hot N Saucy sauce to release Dive Bar Hot Sauce, which it claims was “inspired by the sights, smells and tastes of your favorite dive bar.” Miller High Life Dive Bar Hot Sauce is now available for sale at Hot N Saucy’s website for $12 per bottle.

The product was developed by Davis-Allonce, and contains elements including adobo-marinated Chipotle peppers, smokiness to evoke “that signature dive bar scent,” lemon pepper juice and carrot juice.

“The sauce is inspired by the early days of my career and the late night dive bar celebrations after long nights in the kitchen with my drink of choice – a crisp Miller High Life,” Sam Davis-Allonce said in a statement, adding, “I created this recipe as a toast to that time in my life and all the kitchen staff, bar backs and High Life lovers.”



Davis-Allonce launched Hot N Saucy in 2020, when she began cooking up small batches of vegetable-based hot sauces. She continues to position the brand as a small-batch, natural, vegetable-based  sauce, free of “unnecessary additives” as it continues to grow. Hot N Saucy recently expanded its retail footprint with Target, and last year was named to Oprah’s 2023 Favorite Things list. 

The partnership is the latest in a line of initiatives from Miller High Life celebrating dive bars and the service industry, including this past winter’s holiday installment – the Merry High Light table top light-up tree designed to stir up “the nostalgic dive bar smell of sweet tobacco.”

The launch arrives ahead of Molson Coors upcoming earnings report and investors call on April 30. In the company’s previous call, discussing Q4 2023 earnings, Molson Coors president and CEO Gavin D. K. Hattersley alluded to Miller High Life being among its stronger brands in terms of on-premise sales.

“We are back to very close to pre-COVID levels from an on-premise point of view in most of our major markets, some slightly ahead, some slightly behind,” he said on the call. “We're by far the biggest share gainer in the channel last year. We grew 3 times faster than the next major brewer. It's not just Premium Lights that are growing share, it's brands like Blue Moon and Coors Banquet and Miller High Life growing share as well.”

On the call, Greg Tierney, vice president of financial planning & analysis, also reported that the company increased marketing spending 17.4%, spending “over $50 million on the quarter.

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