QuackChat Arrives To Reward Duck Donuts Loyal Fans


When your name is Duck Donuts, and you’re founded on the shores of Duck, North Carolina, all of your branding pretty much has to be duck-related.

From Ollie the cartoon “Duckbassador” to employees known as members of the “flock” and its “Quack Gives Back” fundraising arm, the 150 unit donut chain is more than a little committed to its brand ID. So when it was time to create a new SMS-based customer loyalty program, of course it had to be on-duck... um, on-brand.

Thus Duck Donuts has partnered with mobile engagement platform Vibes to launch QuackChat, its new SMS and mobile wallet rewards program. The program will send direct mobile messages to its registered members, where they can opt in for alerts about new flavors, freebies, LTOs, special promotions and other events, with the ability to save offers to their mobile wallets, simplifying redemption.



SMS and mobile-first loyalty programs are gaining traction in the restaurant industry.

“We quickly learned mobile marketing was a great solution [for reaching our customers], with open and read rates of text messages at 98% and 70%,” Duck Donuts CEO Betsy Hamm told Marketing Daily.

The chain aims to have 100,000 QuackChat members by the end of the year.

“At Duck Donuts, we are focused on building our community, loyalty and brand awareness through an integrated marketing and communications strategy," said Hamm. “QuackChat is a tactic that complements our email marketing, website, organic and paid social media efforts, and more.”

Looking toward the future, Hamm commented “Consumers are consuming news and information digitally and it is important for brands to be maximizing their digital presence to stay top of mind to guests. A big focus for 2024 is revamping our online ordering platform to provide a better experience for our guests.”

New QuackChat members will receive a free welcome donut of their choice offer with purchase upon registering. Customers can register by texting  DOZEN to 50282 to join. The offer can be then saved to the user’s mobile wallet for later use at a register or kiosk.

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