AI Dominates Dynamic Ads Data Partnership For Auto Industry

Constellation's partnership with S&P Global Mobility, announced Tuesday, gives the automotive industry a tight hold on dynamic advertising.

The partnership — supported by generative artificial intelligence (GAI) — combines Constellation's software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform with S&P Global Mobility’s audience segments.

It uses public data such as past purchases and leases, as well as data from brand-related websites such as Land Rover, Porsche, or Ford.

Diana Lee, CEO and co-founder of SaaS platform Constellation, says S&P Global Mobility can identify specific audiences for a car, while Constellation can bring ads to market quickly.

“If the dealership only has 30 days on an offer for a specific type of car, it can’t afford to lose 14 of those days,” Lee said.



Constellations’ GAI platform dynamically re-sizes images based on a rules system, reducing the time it takes in-house marketers and agencies to re-size images for numerous channels.

She called it “mind-numbing work” to continually re-size images for Google My Business, websites, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, X, email, and many more.

“We’re paying billions of dollars into a compliance industry where humans basically look at the ads before running to approve or disapprove them,” she said. “Sometimes humans make mistakes. If it's automated and determined by a rule-based engine there shouldn’t be any.”

Since the ads -- which typically take 14 days to approve -- are based on inventory at the 17,500 U.S. franchisees, prices fluctuate. 

In addition, brands cannot produce all that content manually, Lee said.

A rules-based engine reduces errors, keeps budgets down and ensures compliance, enabling teams with pre-approved content that can run immediately on digital channels, television, video, and more.

It can reiterate thousands of pieces of content, replacing manual processes to save designers hours of tedious work.

In 2016, Lee saw the need for the industry to produce dynamic content, which gives marketers the ability to change the background image for an ad, depending on the location.

A Porsche ad running in the Manhattan market may relate more to consumers with skyscrapers in the background, whereas potential buyers in Jackson, Wyoming would relate more to an ad with a background of the Tetons.

Constellation integrated AI into the platform and created a content library with the ability to change that background based on many factors, such as location, weather or time of day.

Lee says innovation can sometimes become a challenge that keeps people from moving to more efficient processes.

“People fall in love with their ad agencies, or fall in love with their business partners, but sometimes there’s a more efficient and cost-effective way.”

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