Candy Swim: Airheads Vending Machine Gets Adults Back In The Pool

Some 73% of adults swam more as kids. However, many have nostalgic memories of eating Airheads at the pool. The company wants to reintroduce that experience, encouraging adults to swim again — with a twist.

The candy company is debuting a first-of-its-kind Underwater Vending Machine that dispenses Airheads while submerged in a pool. The machines go on sale Memorial Day, May 27, the official start of pool season.

View the Airheads Underwater Vending Machine spot, with creative by Highdive, here.

The machines are waterproof in depths of up to eight feet and come equipped with an air-propulsion system candy launcher. It doesn't take money. Instead, the machine makes easy requests of swimmers in exchange for Airheads bars.



“Airheads is all about ‘fun’, which is the root of this idea. Swimming down to an underwater vending machine that shoots out candy and takes ‘fun’ as currency is about as fun as it gets,” Chad Broude co-founder-CCO of Highdive, told Agency Daily.

The candy maker is selling a limited number of Airheads Underwater Vending Machines for $7,000, which includes a lifetime supply of Airheads. For more information:

Airheads are available in original bar form, as well as chewy, bite-sized pieces called Airheads Bites.

“Our Underwater Vending Machine is sure to get adults excited about jumping back in the pool and re-living the carefree long summer days,” said Craig Cuchra, vice president, marketing at Perfetti Van Melle, maker of Airheads candy.

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