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Remotely Healthy: LG Electronics Enters Healthcare With Tech For Docs


LG Electronics, whose motto is “Life’s Good,” has launched a venture to make life better for home healthcare patients.

Primefocus Health, LG says, will develop a remote monitoring and delivery platform enabling healthcare providers to offer “personalized” home care to patients. Specific uses cited include recovery from chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

The software platform will work in the home via an app accessible through “consumer-based electronic and third-party devices,” Darren Sabo, chief executive officer of Primefocus Health, tells Marketing Daily. “We plan to incorporate remote monitoring capabilities and provide access and integration with other health services to track patient progress, as well as integrate with EHR [Electronic Health Records] systems”



Additional third-party hardware may be required for care plans based on patient needs, Sabo adds.

The timeline for launch is flexible, with Sabo saying that Primefocus is “currently working with early customers” and also “seeking additional partners that we can work closely with to identify key clinical areas for a pilot program.”

Primefocus marks the first venture from LG Nova, which launched in 2021 as the electronic giant’s North American innovation center.

Sabo, who had spent two years as head of commercialization of new health ventures for LG Nova, says the group’s goal is to “create new business ventures that will drive positive change and enhance people’s lives, and digital health is one of our focus areas to accomplish that.” Other areas of focus include clean tech and AI.

LG Nova’s “Mission for the Future” program, which enables startups to work with LG, has itself partnered with several healthcare companies. These include XRHealth, which provides therapeutic care for remote medical treatment through VR/AR technology; Mindset Medical, which uses cameras in personal devices to capture health readings; and Digbi Health, a platform that uses AI to harness signals from the body in treating polychronic mental and physical illnesses.

Sabo says that LG Electronics “has a vision for a better healthcare experience for patients and providers, and greater access to innovative health solutions to help people live better lives. Ultimately, we recognize that technology can play a key role in the transformation of patient care and the healthcare industry at large.”

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