Gen Z Creators Shoot 'Real Life' With Polaroid Go

Polaroid believes in instant results by sustaining its analog legacy.

Its latest social media campaign celebrates moments snapped on its smallest instant camera — the portable Polaroid Go.

The initial "Capture Real Life" campaign, which debuted in 2023, has a new iteration on TikTok. Reimagined by SuperHeroes creative, the work is more intimate and personal, produced by Gen Z creators.

Examples are Polaroid x Lenosnaps and Polaroid x Jonpurcell.

The focus is a generational reality: life for Gen Z is unpolished, messy, unique and human.

“This campaign is an ode to creativity in many forms,” said Rogier Vijverberg, founder-chief creative officer at SuperHeroes. “It speaks to the tactile expression of analog pictures — with grainy images and untouched reality — that show life as it is really lived, imperfections and all.”



The images capture travel, ballet, wins and losses, all viewed through the prism of the Polaroid Go.

“There is an irony to this work in that we used smartphones to shoot a campaign that celebrates old-fashioned picture-taking, added Craig Miles, creative director at SuperHeroes. “The work elevates old-fashioned picture taking and the way in which these images in black-and-white and color are lasting impressions that reflect a time and place.”

This is the first creative output of the agency-advertiser partnership, aided by SuperHeroes’ Creative Commerce unit.

SuperHeroes has worked with various brands, including Doordash, Giant, Lenovo and Netflix.

Polaroid was founded in 1937 by Edwin Land. The company’s launch of the Polaroid Land camera in 1947 marked the birth of instant photography.

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