Clone Me: Dentsu Finds Consumers Want AI Help With Managing Their Lives


Half of global consumers say that by 2035 they’d like to have an AI clone of themselves to take care of shopping, administrative, and communications tasks on their behalf. 

That’s according to a new report from Dentsu that surveyed 30,000 people across 20 countries. It’s called Consumer Vision 2035: The Era Of The Insight-To-Foresight Pivot.  



The report predicts that “AI gatekeepers” will proliferate in the coming years that will help consumers with recurring purchases, vetting ads, promotions and other tasks so they can “more easily make their preference known to brands.” 

Eighty percent of consumers expect that by 2035 they will need to shift some of their daily activities due to how the climate will change.  

Brands will need to become more perceptive to garner consumer attention in a world increasingly filtered by AI technology.  

Per the report, consumers will lean further into their emotions and passions when actively engaging with brands. Seven in 10 consumers say that today a significant share of their shopping decision is influenced by the mood they’re in at the time of purchase.  

The study also shows that most consumers “wish they were more impulsive and actively seek experiences that elicit visceral emotions.“ 

Jeff Greenspoon, Dentsu's global practice president, integrated solutions, said, “An AI-filtered world might seem far into the future, but it is already becoming a reality today and consumers’ interactions with brands will fundamentally shift within the next 10 years.” 

Business leaders and brand builders, he added “must start preparing for this new landscape today with both technology and creativity...those that push the boundaries to innovate now will undoubtedly see the biggest impact through the next decade.”  

The Dentsu study Consumer Vision 2035 is available here

The study was developed with Foresight Factory, a consumer trends agency. Analysis draws on different sources including a panel of futurists, academics, authors and experts to help identify trends. 



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  1. James Smith from J. R. Smith Group, May 22, 2024 at 10:50 a.m.

    Dentsu's Greenspoon makes an excellent point about "ai filtering".  For those study
    respondents seeking digital twins to assume shopping and communication tasks, a
    modest suggestion might be "see a therapist first."

  2. Tera Jane from Jejakterkini Grup, May 22, 2024 at 7:26 p.m.

    Jika konsep ini bisa segera diwujudkan maka akan memudahkan kehidupan manusia

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