Chaumet Luxury Brand Runs First 3D CTV Campaign On LG Home Screen

 LG Ad Solutions launched the first 3D native digital display on its platform for the collection of high-end jewelry brand Chaumet's Joséphine Aigrette, with support from Teads and Publicis Media Luxe International.

Chaumet, one of the oldest Parisian jewelers, as founded in 1780 and is renowned for its tiaras, which have been worn by European royalty, including Empress Josephine, Queen Victoria, and Princess Grace of Monaco.

For the very first time this luxury brand showcased its rings and bracelets in a 3D advertising format on connected television (CTV).

This initiative showcases Teads and LG Ad Solutions' commitment to innovation, but also highlights the strategic importance of these markets in consumer technology. 

Rachid Ait Addi, senior vice president of strategic accounts at Teads, said the companies have worked together for several years, but in 2023 developed more of a creative strategy.



“They reached out to us with a more ambitious project that included motion and connected TV screens to show they are not an old luxury brand, but modern and dynamic and that they embrace new consumer behaviors,” Ait Addi said.

He said consumers will click on the ad, which takes them to the Chaumet website to make a purchase.

Attention to detail in their projects is also evident in the creative. The rendering of 3D, which launched about two months ago, is viewed showing the details of reality, he said.

The international campaign -- which was broadcast in France, South Korea, the Middle East, and Japan -- ensures qualified visibility.

By using LG's ACR Data, the campaign explicitly targets high-income individuals and those with a strong interest in luxury, art, culture, watches, and jewelry.

The ad targets consumers with the largest LG screen, 72-inches and larger, for example, and those who pay for an ad-free experience on CTV.

Digital out-of-home (OOH) assets were adopted for the CTV screen from Chaumet's 3D campaign -- elements from a Piccadilly Circus billboard, broadcasting them within its premium environment among the largest publishers.

Chaumet continues to innovate with Teads and Publicis Media Luxe International, its dedicated media agency, by broadcasting its Joséphine Aigrette creations in 3D on the LG Home Screen in several markets including France, Belgium, and eight global markets.

Other luxury brands have also embraced the 3D advertising unit, such as automotive.

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