Mazda Uses AI With Experiential Activation

Mazda North American Operations recently partnered with BirdDog Technologies on an experiential program for the 3-row Mazda CX-90.

BirdDog allows automotive brands to plan brand experiences with great accuracy. The Mazda program achieved a 70-point increase in Net Promoter Score an 118% of the attendance goal. 

The company's advanced research techniques captures real-time consumer insights. By providing market-specific insights, its proprietary event planning platform enables brands to activate at locations most likely to resonate with prospective customers.

“The exceptional results underscore the effectiveness of a more targeted, community-based alternative to traditional auto shows, driving meaningful engagement and brand affinity,” says Kevin Killip, CEO of BirdDog Technologies, in a release.



Through advanced research methodologies and technology, BirdDog captures consumer lifestyle that drives meaningful brand experiences and affinity.

The company has also recently worked with Polestar on a 32-market tour for its Polestar 2. The result was three times the forecast conversion rate. 

BirdDog also worked with Toyota on events for its BZ4X electric vehicle in 24 markets. The result was double the hot lead rate, according to BirdDog. 

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