Aging Pets: SoluPet Fights Dog Dementia, Hill's Supports Senior Adoptions

Actor Cecily Strong promotes adoption of senior pets at "The Garfield Movie" premiere.

Senior dogs have been in the spotlight in recent days, with new research on canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) released by SoluPet Supplements, and Hill’s Pet Nutrition pushing adoptions of older dogs and cats at “The Garfield Movie” premiere.

SoluPet wants dog owners to know that their aging pets can get dementia just like older humans. CCD affects some 35% of the 90 million pet dogs in the U.S., according to the company, whose founder/CEO Bill Mohri has spent the past 10 years developing an over-the-counter supplement designed to halt the condition.

That product is now set to launch in the first quarter of 2025, Mohri tells Marketing Daily. Unlike such currently used remedies as fish oil and milk thistle, the SoluPet product is backed by animal trials published in over 30 peer-reviewed journals, he says.



Containing the antioxidant CoQ10, “a natural product recognized for providing neuronal health benefits,” the supplement uses a “unique compound” so that the CoQ10 passes “through the blood-brain barrier,” Mohri says.

“While no FDA approval is required for the sale of a new pet supplement in the USA,” Mohri adds, “SoluPet has taken the extra step to ensure it has FDA GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status.”

SoluPet is also developing additional products to help with cognitive disfunction in pets via an internal team of neuroscientists, biotechnologists and toxicologists, Mohri says.

In preparation for launch, discussions have begun with veterinarians, Mohri says, “and there is clearly enthusiasm for the product.” 

For consumers, he says, SoluPet has used proprietary research to understand “the needs of dog owners. That has helped us shape a plan to reach consumers directly in places where we will be readily available and accessible.” Those places include veterinarian offices and pet food stores.

SoluPet, based in Toronto, has engaged that city’s Ostrich Studios – headed by former Ogilvy Canada chief executive officer John Killam – as its marketing agency. And Dan Alvo, former general manager of Royal Canin Canada, is on board as chief commercial advisor.

One of SoluPet’s main focus will be on consumer education about CCD.

An April study, conducted by Dig Research on behalf of SoluPet, concluded that 30 million dogs in the U.S have been brought to vets for cognition concerns, but only 5% of dogs aged 11 and above have been formally diagnosed with CCD.

And, while owners of senior dogs are increasingly noticing such CCD symptoms as altered sleep SoluPet patterns and disorientation, only 31% of all dog owners have heard of the condition.

Meanwhile, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, in announcing its new campaign to “help senior pets age boldly,” stated that “with the right outlook and the support of proper veterinary care and nutrition, we can help improve senior pets' ability to get up and go.”

“The Garfield Movie,” in which the tubby orange tabby cat is joined by canine pal Odie, features Cecily Strong in a leading role. Strong, who owns a senior dog herself, walked the “orange carpet” at the movie’s premiere with adoptable senior pets from Vanderpump Dogs and Pasadena Humane, partners inHill's Food, Shelter & Love program.

Hill's said it was also donating up to $100,000 to support PetSmart Adoption Centers from May 20 to 26, with the aim of getting 5,000 pets adopted this week, “with a special focus on helping senior pets find loving homes.”

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