Just How Popular Is Tubi? A New Campaign Explains


Tubi is out with its new “More Popular Than...” campaign that in various video ads compares its number-one-ranked 75 million monthly U.S. active users to the number of divorces (29 million), babies (4 million) and “wall mounted dual activating water fountains” (2 million) in the country.   



The work is from Mischief @ No Fixed Address. The campaign was unveiled a week after the agency’s disruptive Super Bowl 2023 work for the client won the Grand Effie for most effective campaign. Mischief was also named most effective U.S. ad agency and independent agency (separate awards).  

The ad about divorces is darkly comic. “I haven’t respected you since your hair transplant,” a soon-to-be divorced wife screams at her husband. The ad notes that Tubi is more popular than “moving into a sad little hotel by the airport,” and ends with a voiceover noting that Tubi is more popular than “hitting your ex-husband's stupid face,” as the woman is seen pummeling ex-hubby in a picture of the couple in happier times.   

According to the agency, the campaign is designed to help advertisers “wrap their heads around the size” of Tubi’s monthly audience, which it notes has grown to 80 million since the campaign was shot.  

An out of home component features billboards comparing Tubi’s audience to the number of people who walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or visit Times Square, to note two examples. 

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