Email Tanks Up On AI: Senders Have New Tools For Targeting

AI is making further inroads into email marketing with the launch of new tools by AudiencePoint.

The offering, Forest AI Engine, utilizes the firm’s Spruce Model for email engagement optimization, and ListFit, a feature that delivers customer email inbox behaviors.

AudiencePoint plans to deploy such future models as Oak and Eucalyptus for scoring the accuracy and predictability of customer engagement. These are now in development.

"Our new algorithm has significantly better predictive power, meaning it more accurately forecasts who will respond to your messaging,” claims Andy Perez, CEO of AudiencePoint. 

According to the company, email marketers can receive these benefits: 

  • Predictive analysis--based on data on 700M+ historical email addresses from 160+ enterprise partners
  • Anomaly detection--proactively detects issues and opportunities in email lists
  • Optimize send times--marketers can determine when the customer is most likely to be receptive to the message
  • Improved campaign performance--based on engagement across the customer base
  • Personalized engagement--tailors content based on past interactions



Users can also gain from:

  • Customer lifetime value--identifies and prioritizes high-value segments
  • Churn prediction--discerns signs of decreasing engagement
  • Historical data analysis--uses and weights long-term data for deeper insights on customer behavior 
  • Data decay analysis--implements data hygiene and refresh strategies

Another company, EmailThrive, uses AI to help brands build subscriber lists and automate marketing efforts, the company says.


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