App Behavior Identifies Multicultural Nuances Using Massive Household Graph

App Science, a Sabio Holdings company, today announced it has entered into a multi-year contract with Pivot Marketing Group to support clients including Toyota Motor North America.

Analyzing mobile apps can tell a lot about a person’s behavior and interest as they travel through the stages of their life.

Helen Lum, executive vice president of App Science, said apps help brands identify a consumer’s life stages from planning for a wedding to preparing to have a baby. More importantly, identifying specific stages of life and groups within the Asian market.

Lum said the technology can help brands understand diverse audiences to help with media planning.

For one client, App Science worked to identity within the Asian market several audiences who were ready to purchase a car and what percentage of that market spoke specific dialects such as Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Asian Indian.



Data from the different markets are gathered and processed as campaigns run. It is cross-referenced with the data in App Science’s 55 million validated household graph, with more than 280 million mobile devices and 110 million connected television (CTV) households.

A website pixel measures the traffic across all partners. That data flows into App Science’s analytics system and generates reports within 24 hours.

AI and machine learning algorithms measure and provide deeper insights into audiences in natural language to bridge the gap for the brand’s first-party data.

This new multi-year commitment between App Science and Pivot builds on more than a year of collaborative projects, where the company’s cross-platform analytics solution has played a crucial role in supporting Pivot’s marketing capabilities.

Pivot, which serves as a multicultural agency to reach the Asian market, had a need for deeper insights into diverse audiences and unique behaviors.

In the early days of App Science, a minority-owned company, analysts studied human behavior on apps. They could see ads on the devices changing as consumer aged.

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