But Enough About David Droga, Here's What Some Sought-After Brains Think About AI

CANNES, France -- "Getting an audience with you is rare for everyone in the room," Accenture Song CEO David Droga observed halfway through his fireside chat with OpenAI CTO Mira Murati here this morning, which was dominated more by Droga himself than the "highly sought-after brains" of his guest.

Using some AI, in fact -- Google's not OpenAI's -- it counted 35 references to "me," 24 to "my," 24 to "I'm," and two to "myself" by Droga during the 22 minutes conversation, which Droga opened with a film noir-like depiction of a vintage Cannes festival created by his team using OpenAI's Sora text-to-video tool (see image from it above), included a music video also created by his team using Sora, and was sprinkled with personal observations and anecdotes including a Father's Day brunch with his wife and four children that was mainly about how they used generative AI to create a song for him.

"It was also my wife's birthday -- there's a reason I'm telling you this," Droga recalled, adding that his children also created hand-written cards for him, adding, "Again, there's a relevant reason I'm telling this story," concluding his anecdote by noting, "As a creative person, I've always been a greedy creative and I'm now pretending to be a CEO, where just any tool that allows us to try and do things... to take our thoughts and ambitions into different places."

Sadly, the Lions festival attendees got to learn more about what was inside Droga's brain than Murati's, including his own fears, anxiety and unbridled sense of opportunity for the role AI would play for the ad industry, as well as society at large.

For her part, Murati came across as one of the most genuinely human AI technologists I've ever heard speak, and I would have liked to have heard more of what she had to say on the subject about how OpenAI is developing, testing, and incorporating safety and guardrails at every step of its generative AI tool chest.

Prompted by Droga, she even shared personal anecdote of her own about the time her sister was explaining to her mother how to use ChatGPT.

"'Here's how you use it, you just write to it'," Murati shared, adding, "So she started asking questions, trying to get a sense of what it could to, and as she's talking with it, she said, 'Well, can I just ask anything?' And my sister said, 'Yes, just ask anything.'

"And then she typed, 'When will Mira get married?' And my sister was like, 'Oh mom, it's not magic. It's still artificial intelligence.'

"She was having such a natural interaction with it, she thought she could ask anything."

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  1. Barbara Lippert from, June 17, 2024 at 1:52 p.m.

    Thank you, Joe. Hilarious!

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