New Havas Unit Focused On Opportunities Posed By GLP-1 Drugs

Havas is using Cannes to announce the launch of a new consultancy that will develop client strategies surrounding increasingly popular GLP-1 medications like Ozempic that are used to treat diabetes and obesity.  

The agency believes that marketers in many sectors will rethink their brand marketing as use of the medications become more widespread and as users are expected to significantly increase their spending on fitness programs, clothing, vacations/travel and other areas.  



A spokesperson said the new consultancy doesn’t have a name or any branding yet. It will sit within Havas Health Network so it’s effectively run by Donna Murphy, global CEO of Havas Creative and Health Networks.    

The GLP-1 market is projected to reach an estimated 31.5 million users by 2035.    

In a recently published Prosumer report, Havas examined how people feel about GLP-1 drugs. Since the approval of the first semaglutide injection for obesity in 2017, the drug class has increased spending as outlined below, according to the report.   

Percentage of users vs nonusers spending more on the following:   

• Fitness apparel, such as sneakers and exercise clothes (51% vs 16%)   

• Gym/health-related expenses (51% vs 16%)   

• Clothing (41% vs 17%)   

• Vacations/traveling (39% vs 17%)   

• Mental health services (30% vs 11%)   

 “The advent of GLP-1s will go down as a historic moment—eliciting seismic shifts across nearly every industry that our clients should be capitalizing on,” said Murphy. 

“The disruption alarm bells are sounding. GLP-1 medications are the marriage between biopharma and consumer brands. And given our expertise across both health and consumer, we are well-positioned to guide brands as they navigate the untapped potential of this transformation.”    

Havas’ new offering is built on three pillars:    

  • Market Monitoring & Future Forecasting  

  • Disruption Mitigation (strategic risk advisory, business and brand consulting)     

  • Opportunity Creation & Acceleration (new business models leveraging the transformation in unexpected ways)   


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