Internet Technology Spawns A Surprise New TV Player: Radio

A company called iSeeRadio is previewing a technology at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville that allows radio stations to broadcast live as well as on-demand video to iSeeRadio's "customizable media player," which uses IPTV technology to deliver the video. According to an iSeeRadio press release, average viewing time among customers using the media player is 70 minutes a day, with broadcasts dominated by in-studio video of popular DJs and celebrity guests.

Of course, the programs also include video advertising, and the potential for new and different types of programming remains to be explored--both potentially important factors as radio stations search for ways to supplement traditional ad revenue. Logical areas for new programming include music videos as well as broadcasts of live performances at radio stations or other venues.

Greg Demetriades, CEO of iSeeRadio, touted the technology's ability to open up new revenue streams for radio stations in an ad market that is stagnant at best, saying: "iSeeRadio is the innovative and powerful solution that radio stations have been looking for." Demetriades went on: "Stations that want to strengthen their relationships with audiences and create non-traditional revenue streams will find that iSeeRadio enables them to do all that and more."



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