Atom Films' Starts Posting CGM

As part of a redesign that went live Wednesday, Atom Films' video directory site,, began accepting user-created clips. If those clips gain in popularity, Atom Films will move them to the main site,, where they can be monetized through pre-roll ads.

"There's a ton of content that we get submitted to AtomFilms that, for whatever reason, doesn't end up on the site." said Dave Williams, chief marketing officer at Atom Entertainment. "AtomFilms is much more tightly controlled editorially. We want to use AddictingClips as a place to get a lot of other filmmakers up online."

A program, dubbed "Cash For Clips," will pay content creators if their content gains an audience and gets moved to the AtomFilms Web site. "If they get some attention, we'll take note and start to promote that pretty heavily on," said Williams. "The plan right now is to take the content that is really good enough to develop an audience, put it up on, and get it promoted and put a preroll ahead of it, and pay the content creator."



Other CGM sites are developing similar programs for their own user-submitted content. Bolt Media next month will begin a program dubbed "Spotlight," which will push outstanding content, selected by Bolt's staff, to the front page. Unlike Atom's feature, Bolt Media doesn't place more ads with the content, nor is there a revenue-sharing arrangement--the incentive for users is additional exposure.

In addition to submitting videos to, users can also share Flash animations, games, and other entertainment content.

Williams said the site has an editorial review process that ensures that no uploaded content violates the terms and conditions of the site, which prohibits content that is "indecent, libelous, defamatory, obscene, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, illegal, harassing, contain expressions of hatred, bigotry, racism or pornography." There will also be a function for users themselves to report content that they find objectionable.

"We're going to do our best to build a community that self-polices, and we're going to build safe zones on the site, such as the home page, where there absolutely will not be inappropriate content," Williams said.

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