Arbitron Measures Its Internet Options, Casts Off MeasureCast

Arbitron Inc. said Friday that it would halt weekly and monthly MeasureCast ratings of Internet broadcasting.

The move is part of the changes in its Internet broadcast ratings service that Arbitron plans to make. The ratings company isn't planning to get out of the business--just to make changes that will enable it to continue to provide data on the size and growth of Internet broadcasting, and to use lifestyle and shopping data from Scarborough Research.

The investment the company had been making wasn't worth the effort, particularly since it didn't deliver demographic information or data on the top markets.

"It just doesn't pay off," said Arbitron spokesman Thom Mocarsky.

He said it didn't make sense to continue a service that wasn't working for anyone, least of all Arbitron's clients. Arbitron won't release the number of clients it had for the service.

The company isn't sure yet how it will accomplish the study of Internet broadcasting.

"Demos and geography are going to be really key to helping Internet radio on the buy," Mocarsky said.

Mocarsky and a company statement said that Arbitron remains committed to Internet broadcasting.



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