InfoSearch Introduces Video Answers

InfoSearch Media's social question-and-answer site,, will begin offering members the ability to embed videos in their answers, the company will announce today.

With the new feature, users will be able to provide visual examples in response to queries such as: "How do I mix a martini?" and "How do I do a wheelie on a motorcycle?" The site will accept video feeds from YouTube and other providers.

George Lichter, CEO of InfoSearch Media, praised social search services that answer questions as an alternative to search engines that return links. "Do I really need a million links when all I want is one answer?" he asked.

Currently, the site is monetized only by Google AdSense, but Lichter said that the company aims to bring advertisers on board by allowing them to post their answers about their own products. "Advertisers should have an opportunity to put up the answers and provide a service to the community," Lichter said. "If they're a good egg--a good corporate citizen--then that identification will help them."



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