New Social Network For Music Debuts

As social networking sites continue to capture online eyeballs, the number of these sites appears to be mushrooming. Today, the latest example, an ad-supported music social networking site dubbed "MOG," will officially launch from beta.

The site consists of profile pages for users, including an exhaustive catalogue of the music on their computers' hard drives. "People can go to your page to see what you added this week, your top song this week--they can even see the top songs you played and the tracks you listen on your iPod, too," said MOG founder and CEO David Hyman.

MOG keeps the list up to date automatically, and users can blog about the music they're listening to, search for other users who listen to the same, and create a list of "trusted MOGs," similar to a MySpace friends list. "It's all about self-expression--Nobody would ever type their digital music collection into a blog or MySpace and keep it up to date," Hyman added.

As of Monday, the site had a slate of advertisers in place, Hyman said. One advertiser observed on the site during the beta period was clothing maker Lacoste; ad space during the test run was confined to a single display ad on the top-right of each profile page.



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