ARF Readies Online Advertising Guide

The Advertising Research Foundation is planning this November to publish a new guide to online advertising, designed for brand marketers that remain wary of the Web.

The publication, "The Online Advertising Playbook," is designed to be "a go-to guide for advertisers and their agency partners who are seeking to get maximum benefit out of the Internet," said Taddy Hall, one of the authors. Hall, chief strategy officer at the ARF, added that the book is geared toward "brand marketers eager to tap power of Internet, but who have shied away because of lack of confidence in how to use the medium."

"Most marketers believe that advertising online can work--but when they go to use the Internet, they don't have nearly the degree of confidence they have when using other media," Hall added.

At about 320 pages, the book will include case studies as well as interviews with advertisers, agency executives, research firms, and media companies. Hall said the final product will contain strategies for topics including using the Web for branding, the role of search in both online campaigns and overall marketing objectives, and e-mail as a marketing vehicle.

The advisory board for the project includes senior executives from 30 industry organizations, including the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Online Publishers Association.



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