'Project Runway' Bows Fashion Search

Bravo TV will launch a fashion-focused microsite for its show "Project Runway" that allows visitors to search for apparel. Much of the editorial content for the site is provided by Elle.com, the online presence for Elle magazine, but featured items will also correspond closely to the products and looks highlighted in "Project Runway," including favorite items of the competing designers.

The microsite, Runway Radar, was designed and launched by Fallon, which also pitched the original concept to Bravo, said Ryan McKeever, Fallon's media supervisor for the project. Describing the microsite as an aggregator, he said the goal is to "keep people in the know, and let them know what fashion trends are out there--what's new, what's hot." The microsite uses Flash to deliver the images, with forty new items showcased every week.

Eric Frost, Fallon's interactive group creative director, said that Bravo will promote the site on the air and with links on the main BravoTV.com Web site. Frost said the site will also leverage other fashion sites, like Daily Candy--which reportedly just received an investment that pegs its value at$130 million.



The new site will also be promoted on blogs and via word-of-mouth campaigns. He added that Bravo will track online metrics including the number of click-throughs to content partners and retail destinations.

Going forward, Frost said, the next few months will see an aggressive push by Bravo to form relationships with "a whole bunch of new content partners" in addition to Elle.com: "We're developing new content partnerships, because ultimately the breadth and depth of the fashion content is what will keep people coming back."

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