Interep Launches Network To Showcase Video Ads

Aiming to help advertisers spread ads virally, Interep's Interactive Video Network has set up a network of video-sharing sites designed to show off video ads.

The sites in the network all have agreed to feature video ads in a prominent location, said Kevin Gianatiempo, president of Interep's video network.

Gianatiempo said that buys on the Viral Video Network will come with a guaranteed number of video plays, and sites on the network--including Photobucket,, and feature the viral ads in a high-profile 'editor's pick'-type location.

The network is designed to address the problems confronting advertisers when they must compete with viral videos on massive video-sharing sites like "How does an advertiser break through that clutter?" said Gianatiempo. "What we're doing is reaching out to multiple, smaller niche sites."

Gianatiempo dismissed concerns that featuring marketer-produced content as an editor's pick" on a viral video site could be perceived as deceptive. "The users--when they visit a site like this--they expect to see a wide variety of videos uploaded to the site," he said. "We're not going to a New York Times or some other original content-rich site, and asking them to feature this as content."

Interep's video network is currently in talks with advertisers to run a beta test campaign for the viral video network.



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