CBS Promo Brings Billboards To Life On Cell Phones

Moving closer to the world of "Minority Report," CBS will now add video and audio into the two-dimensional world of outdoor advertising with Bluetooth wireless technology.

Pedestrians walking by five outdoor billboards that tout CBS' new fall programs in New York's Grand Central Station can instantly see video clips on their cell phones.

Mobile users need only activate their cell phone or PDA. The clip can be automatically downloaded via Bluetooth. CBS will include all four of its new prime-time series for this marketing push--"Shark," "Smith," "Jericho" and "The Class"--as well as CBS' biggest prime-time show "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

CBS Outdoor is working with Kameleon Technologies, an international mobile-technology company, using its MobiZone software to enable mobile users to download free media content. New York is the only city to run the promotion.

In the movie "Minority Report," while Tom Cruise's character ran through subway tunnels, interactive outdoor billboard ads would pitch products to him.



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