Ryder Keeps Trucking With CMT, Has No CPM

In a product-placement arrangement between Ryder trucks and CMT's popular "Trick My Truck" reality show, no money is changing hands.

The show is similar to "Pimp My Ride" on MTV, where a rundown rig is taken into the shop and given a complete makeover in real-time. Ryder will provide the temporarily truck-less commercial drivers with a loaner, while the "Chrome Shop Mafia" mechanics jazz up the old one.

In exchange, Ryder's free brand integration includes shots of the driver jumping into one of its vehicles to drive away from the shop, and then returning to pick up the tricked-out rig. Plus, the company gets an audio mention promoting Ryder's involvement. The integration is included in all 24 episodes of season two of "Trick," which kicks off tonight.

A Ryder spokesman says "Trick" producers approached the company and asked if it would help the drivers during the makeover. Ryder warmed to the idea of program integration, since the show has broad reach among two of its target audiences: decision-makers at commercial businesses and drivers it hopes to recruit.



Both Ryder and CMT will receive additional marketing exposure as the Ryder replacements cruise America's highways and byways with "My Other Truck is Being Tricked by CMT...CMT Loaner Truck." The CMT.com address is emblazoned on the truck cabs. Each of the 24 drivers is estimated to cover 10,000 miles, providing aggregate exposure for some 240,000 miles.

Both CMT and MTV are part of MTV Networks.

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