Fox, AmEx Offer Content To Target Audience

With networks making daily announcements about streaming episodes online to mass audiences, Fox and American Express are taking a slightly different tack--offering content to a select audience.

The network is making special content available on only to AmEx card holders. Individuals who provide proof of their membership can opt-in for a sneak peek at the next episode of hit drama "Prison Break."

Card members can register for the promotion and access the video on the network Web site by clicking on a banner ad, which says: "Only Cardmembers get visiting rights. See what's happening on the other side of the bars."

On the way to the preview, a link is available to apply for an AmEx card.

The promotion could serve as a way for AmEx to gauge how many of its members are fans of "Prison Break." That information could be used to decide whether to advertise on the show. If members indicate an interest, then potential ones may be a ripe target.

Unlike many ad-supported streams of episodes and online promo content, the sneak peek does not feature a pre-roll ad.

The fact that individuals need to provide some personal info to access the video, which is an extended promo clip, could limit traffic.

Many "Prison Break" episodes aired in their entirety are also available on various local Fox Web sites.



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