G4 Turns Mel Brooks' 'Spaceballs' Into Animated TV Series

One-time computer-gaming geek cable network G4 is hoping the Schwartz is with them. A new version of "Spaceballs," Mel Brooks' nearly 20-year-old "Star Wars" spoof, is part of the company's expanded programming.

G4 is partnering with MGM, Berliner Film Company and Brooksfilms to create and release the series, which will debut its 13-episode run in fall 2007.

Brooks is directly involved in the satiric sci-fi series, co-writing the pilot with his writing partner from the original film, Thomas Meehan, and voicing the two characters he played in the movie, President Skroob and Yogurt. Brooks also teamed with Meehan to write the book for "The Producers," his Tony-winning musical.

G4, which aims at the demographic sweet spot of young adult men, has broadened its programming slate since owner Comcast merged it with TechTV in 2004. The channel's subtitle, "Videogame TV," was dropped in February, and its programming schedule has taken on a significantly less gaming-centric focus with the addition of two "Star Trek" series, "The Man Show," and, most recently, "Arrested Development."



"As the go-to network for men 18-34, irreverent humor is one of the benchmarks of our programming philosophy, as is animation," says Neal Tiles, president of G4. "[Brooks'] brand of humor will resonate well with our viewers."

Brooks has a mixed record when it comes to television. The 1960s espionage parody "Get Smart" ran for 138 episodes over five seasons and won several Emmys. Two later series, however, "When Things Were Rotten," a Robin Hood takeoff, and the luxury hotel-based sitcom "The Nutt House," both lasted less than a single season.

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