Chevy Promo Invites College Kids To Live In Car

Chevrolet is launching a promotional campaign that combines YouTube with the "Jackass" movies. Two-person teams at eight universities will live in a 2007 Aveo subcompact car for a week.

The teams will vie for a chance to win the car by attracting as much attention to themselves online as possible, and racking up the most online votes, all without ever physically leaving the Aveos--except to attend classes and answer nature's call.

The "'Livin' Large" Campus Challenge" runs Oct. 23-27. Web cams at each vehicle will stream video footage to, where visitors can watch what the students are doing, and cast votes for their favorite. The contestants must help drive traffic through their own pages on Facebook and MySpace.

The students will have to stage events at the cars to garner attention. Each member of the winning team gets a car.

Universities involved are Boston University, University of Florida, Howard University, Michigan State University, Northwestern University, University of Southern California, Syracuse University and Texas Christian.

Prospective competitors have until Sunday to vie for a spot by submitting an essay at the Web site.

Chevy is working with Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapters to execute the effort at each university.



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