On The Scent: Teens Prefer Victoria's Secret

Once upon a time, teens had limited fragrance options--like Luvs Baby Soft or mom's Jean Nate. Today's teens and tweens, by contrast, have dozens of options made just for them--including celebrity brands from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, and even romance novelist Danielle Steele.

So what is the favorite fragrance? Victoria's Secret brands came out on top in a survey of 1,000 teens (average age 16) by the Piper Jaffray investment bank. (Unilever's Axe scented deodorant was the choice girls preferred for teen boys.)

Teens said they spend $329 a year on all their personal care and beauty.

They rank friends and word of mouth as their top beauty purchase influencers.

As for makeup brands, MAC ranked No. 1 among teen girls, while drug-store brand Maybelline came in second, and Estee Lauder's entry-level department store brand Clinique ranked third.

In choosing makeup, the teens said, the most important attribute is brand, with color being second and price ranking third.



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