Coming Soon To A Theater Near You: Canon Spots

In a new media effort beginning this week, consumer electronics giant Canon will turn the stage on moviegoers, pointing the camera at them. Actually, it will be pointing ads for Canon's PowerShot cameras at them from the silver screen, making the first time the category has entered the burgeoning medium of cinema advertising.

The spots, which will run during Screenvision's pre-movie, in-theater entertainment reel, feature U.S. Open champion Maria Sharapova. The shapely Sharapova, who began modeling before she achieved fame on the courts, is starring in 60- and 30-second spots for the Canon PowerShot camera set to debut today in theaters across the country.

In the somewhat surreal spot titled "Attraction," a herd of hundreds of tennis balls follows Sharapova home after practice, apparently drawn by the star's beauty. When Sharapova turns to take a picture of her unusual entourage, the balls form a giant smiling human face. After she snaps the picture, a passing truck scatters the balls.



The ad will be featured in a pre-show produced by Screenvision celebrating popular action movies of 2006 called "Lights, Cameras, Action!" Screenvision pre-shows typically run 20-25 minutes. The ad will run in Screenvision pre-shows airing in Lowes, Carmike and Clearview until November 30, 2006.

Scott Daly, Dentsu's executive vice president, said this is the company's first project with Screenvision, noting that "going into the holidays cameras are obviously perfect for gifts." Previously, Daly recalled, the long turnaround time required for movie advertising prohibited delivery of seasonal spots in a timely fashion. But Screenvision's introduction of digital technology for delivering ad spots has reduced lead time from six weeks to two weeks.

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