Conde Nast To Sell Subs Via Mobile

  • October 31, 2006
Conde Nast has partnered with Cellfire, a national mobile marketing service, to sell magazine subs with virtual "coupons" in the Cellfire system. Cellfire users can get discounts on subscriptions for a number of big titles: Wired subscribers get a 86% discount, Glamour and Allure are both $20 off, Teen Vogue subscribers get three years for the price of one, Details is $9.97 a year, and Vanity Fair sells for $18 a year. In an official statement, Cellfire CEO Brent Dusing was quoted as saying: "This will allow Cellfire users to get great deals on fantastic publications, simply using their mobile phone. Cellfire is thrilled to enable Conde Nast to be the first magazine publisher on the mobile phone."
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