Blockbuster Takes Swipe At Netflix With New DVD Plan

  • November 2, 2006
Taking direct aim at competitor Netflix, Blockbuster yesterday launched a movie rental program giving online customers the option of returning their DVDs by mail or exchanging them at Blockbuster stores for free in-store movie rentals. Called Blockbuster Total Access, the program allows consumers to double the number of movies they get at the same price.

"Until today, no online rental service offered customers the option of returning their movies to the store and exchanging them for free movie rentals, and there is no other store-based retailer that offers customers the convenience and the selection of the more than 60,000 titles available through our online service," Blockbuster Chairman and CEO John Antioco said in a release announcing the program. "Customers shouldn't have to choose between renting online versus in-store, and they should never have to be without a movie."

The program extends to all Blockbuster offerings, including its $5.99 and $7.99 plans, thereby undercutting Netflix's pricing as well.



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