Election Fallout At-A-Glance

Here's what various pundits and politicians told Marketing Daily to expect when the new Congress convenes in January:

  • The return of government oversight

  • Renewed scrutiny on ads, particularly DTC drugs

  • Urgency to delve into healthcare issues

  • Pressure on FDA for tighter review of new drugs

  • Greater debate on topical issues

  • Emphasis in future political campaigns on segmented versus mass markets

  • The re-emergence of ad tax talk

  • Negotiated drug pricing for Medicare recipients

  • More postal service reform

  • Increased minimum wage

  • Cut student loans; increase Pell Grants; make college tuition tax-deductible

  • Double size of Special Forces

  • The end of "politics of fear"

    Sources: AAAA, ANA, DMA, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.)



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