Oral Drug Market To Exceed $52 Billion By 2010

  • January 15, 2007
As the largest sector within the total drug delivery arena, the $35 billion oral drug delivery market--made up of both pharmaceuticals using oral delivery technologies as well as the technologies themselves--is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10% over the next several years, reaching upwards of $52 billion by 2010, according to a new study published by Kalorama Information, a life sciences market research firm.

The largest contributors to the overall market were the controlled/sustained-release segment and the delayed-release segment. Growth continues to be fueled by the introduction of many line extensions in both the controlled-release and fast-dissolving product segments.

"Pharmaceutical companies for their part are increasingly turning to drug delivery to extend the revenue-earning lifetime of their biggest products as they approach or succumb to patent loss," said Mary Anne Crandall, the report's author, in a release. Kalorama sized the delivery technology market at $3 billion for 2006.

"At the same time, other concerns, such as finding convenient forms and market acceptance of new biopharmaceuticals, and tapping into the growing elderly population that requires products with a level of ease-of-use and cost benefit, will continue to stimulate the market for oral delivery," Crandall added.



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