WE Gets Maybelline, Saturn For 'Dirty' And Fashion Week Coverage

On the heels of Maybelline's sponsorship of WE network's "Dirty Dancing" reality-competition show, the marketer has signed on to back the channel's coverage of New York Fashion Week.

The "Under the Tents" series goes inside the fashion showcase that takes place twice a year in Manhattan, in February and September.

GM's Saturn will join Maybelline in sponsoring the show. (Maybelline also was a sponsor a year ago.)

In keeping with marketers' hunger for 360-degree attachments to programming brands, both marketers will employ on-air spots, brand integration and an online presence to target women on the female-oriented outlet in the first quarter.

Saturn will plug models such as the Sky roadster, Aura and Outlook, partly through integration into a "Profile of an Emerging Designer" segment focusing on a fledgling fashion creator. The online initiative includes banner ads and logo placement on WE.tv. On-air gives the brand a place in tune-in spots and billboards.

Rainbow Media Holdings, which operates WE, has consistently given advertisers a presence in tune-in spots. Marketers may feel that in a DVR-heavy world, viewers are less likely to fast-forward through content providing information about upcoming shows.

Maybelline, heavily linked with "Dirty Dancing," will run vignettes with beauty tips at WE.tv.

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