Grassroots, Online To Support New Scion Models

Scion will roll out a new version of its xB vehicle in late April and a new car, xD, this summer.

The Toyota division this month is launching a series of four- to-five-minute Webisodes introducing Scion's stable of racers and aimed at import drag-racing enthusiasts. Click here to see a short version of the films.

While Scion isn't promoting them widely beyond the site, Sheila Swanson, automotive promotions manager for Scion, says they may use the race cars in other marketing because "they don't look like typical drag racers. They look like great cars, and they photograph very well."

"Our goals are to appeal to people who are very into racing and to introduce new people to racing, especially younger consumers," she says.

And, she adds, import-car racing intersects with the much larger boom in after-market accessorizing, an essential pillar of the Scion marketing program when the division launched in 2004. "You have people just looking to do appearance modifications to cars, but there is a large core as well looking to do performance modifications ... as a part of 'tuning,' racing has always been a part of car culture."



To support the forthcoming redux of xB, the new xD and the entire lineup, Scion will launch three national ride and drive programs, visiting 96 cities this year: first, a six- to-eight-week program launching in May; another tour in August, followed by a full-line road show that will run through November.

Swanson says tours will also visit eight National Hot Rod Association compact-car races, and the Nopi Finals, where Scion will have corporate displays and owner events.

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