Yahoo To Usher In Singing News Anchor

Comedy Central may have Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, but only Yahoo will be able to boast a singing anchor.

The Internet giant confirmed Thursday that it plans to introduce a news personality in the next two months described as "Woody Guthrie meets Hunter S. Thompson" by a Yahoo spokesman.

While Yahoo isn't disclosing details on the prospective "Odd News Underground" initiative, the spokesman said it would feature a journalist who is also a musician.

"This project will create an entirely new kind of news beat, so stay tuned," said Scott Moore, head of news and information at Yahoo, in a statement issued by the company. "All I can say for now is that this reporter will leave you tapping your feet."

Since the singing anchor will focus on lighter news, don't expect hummable tunes about Iraq or the war on terror.

The Yahoo spokesman stressed that the new venture doesn't mean Yahoo News is turning into The Onion. The site will still be home to a full range of serious news from the likes of Reuters and AP.



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