U.S. Wine Exports Up 30% In Value Last Year

  • March 19, 2007
U.S. wine exports, 95% of which is from California, totaled $876 million and 404.5 million liters in 2006--an increase of 30% in value and 4% in volume compared to 2005. In Europe, where the U.S. ships more than half of its sales abroad, exports surged 48% by value. Wine exports to Canada grew 29% by value.

"The dramatic sales growth in 2006 must be placed in perspective as it follows a decrease in 2005 compared to the 2004 shipments," says Joseph Rollo, director of the Wine Institute's international department. "Nonetheless, the long-term trend of California wine exports shows steady expansion in all major markets and growth in new, undeveloped markets. The 2006 number represents a 106% increase in exports by value in the last decade."

Other major growth markets outside of Europe and Canada include: China, up 53% by value; Singapore, up 68% by value; and Hong Kong, up 19% by value.



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