Study Finds Hispanics Avid Consumers Of Online Media

Findings from a new Yahoo Telemundo and Experian Simmons Research survey highlight two ways advertisers can reach online U.S. Hispanics more effectively--use a multiplatform approach, and include bilingual content.

The 'Conexión Cultural/Connected Culture' study found that online Hispanics consume media and technology at a higher rate than the general U.S. population. Some 80% of Hispanics with Internet access connect using broadband, and combining content from TV and the Internet is a key factor to enriching their media experience.

Some 50% go online while watching TV, and slightly more than half search for content on their favorite shows. Online Hispanics are also twice as likely to use key mobile phone features like photos and text messaging.

These high rates of simultaneous media usage and early tech adoption represent a "unique opportunity to offer this diverse audience more choices of meaningful and relevant content," says Millie Carrasquillo, senior vice president of research for Telemundo. Advertisers should meet Hispanics with campaigns that strategically cross multiple channels such as TV, online video and mobile Web.



Those messages should also include Spanish content. Online Hispanics in the U.S. consume two-thirds of their Web content in English, due to a lack of Spanish-language options. This represents an area of significant growth potential, for while the total Hispanic population grew 21% between 2000-2005, the percentage of "Hispanics that are Spanish-language dominant" also increased proportionately.

The Conexión Cultural study culminated in December of 2006. It included both qualitative and quantitative assessments of online U.S. Hispanics who regularly consumed Spanish-language media.

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