Camera Category Heats Up For Mother's Day

Forget brunch, a schmaltzy pendant, or any kind of chocolate--mama really wants a new digital camera.

Circuit City polled 3,000 people and found that 20% of moms said they'd choose a digital camera, and 16% said they'd like a camcorder. (To be fair to traditionalists, 16% also said they'd like flowers). An additional 12% want DVDs or CDs, and 9% have their fingers crossed for an MP3 player. Only 1% said they'd like candy.

The camera makes sense, since its poll also revealed that it's mom, and not dad, who is usually the family's chief historian. Of those polled, 58% say mom takes the most pictures in their house, 26% percent say it's dad, and just 15% say it's kids or others.

The survey also reveals some specific technology requests. About 42% are actively shopping for a new or upgraded digital camera, 55% say they're in the market for better picture resolution, 18% are looking for faster shutter speed, 14% want a better lens, and 13% are craving a smaller, sleeker design.



To get the word out, Circuit City launched a photo contest called "Mom's Favorite Things." The best shots will be rewarded with Canon cameras.

Other camera marketers are also reaching out to gift-buyers. Kodak, for example, is offering a 1GB SD Memory Card for just $20 (a $60 value) with the purchase of a camera for Mother's Day.

And Sony Corp. says it plans to run a Mother's Day FSI with rebates on various Sony products, including digital cameras, in May. Adds a spokesperson: "For cameras, we also have a bundle with the DSC-W55 camera and matching case."

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