Cadbury Schweppes Dares Consumers To Compare

  • April 30, 2007
Cadbury Schweppes is out with a new twist on the old taste challenge: It's offering consumers a chance to taste test not only its reformulated Diet 7Up, but its top two competitors free of charge.

TV and radio advertisements begin today with the spots directing consumers to go to for a free kit. Print ads appear in People, US Weekly and Entertainment Weekly with coupons for a free two-liter bottle of the new Diet 7Up. Thousands of sampling teams will hit the streets across the country to provide product and coupons as well.

Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages says that since December, when the new Diet 7UP began rolling out in market, volume has grown 6.2% in the diet lemon lime category, which is down 3.4% during that same time period.

--Nina M. Lentini



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